NaPoWriMo – Poem 4

My reasons.


If happiness is a colour

It certainly must be blue,

because I feel myself smiling

Every time I look at you.


If sadness is a flavour,

it must be something dry

because it is how I feel

when I’m not by your side.


If love is a sound,

it must be a sigh

because I have them in thousands

when you look at me like that.


If life is a person

It is definitely you

because I can’t imagine

me breathing without you.


NaPoWriMo – Poem 3

Many wishes.


If my wishes had wings

and they could fly high,

I’d ask them to seek you

up there in the sky.


If my wishes had hands

and they could softly caress,

I would give them land

to build you a fortress.


If my wishes had feet

and they could run fast,

I would gently beg them

to take me to your side.


If my wishes had a body

and it could make love,

I would ask it lovingly

to let me live inside your heart.

NaPoWriMo – Poem 2

A guarded heart


Long brunette tresses

fall down his back

while the bluest eyes

make his heart run fast.


A pack of toned muscles

are hidden beneath his skin

that turned itself to golden

when the sun caresses it.


His body is strong

as well as his mind,

the only weakness in him

is his caring heart.


But his heart has a guardian

that takes care of it,

a blonde and caring man

who is his partner and king.

NaPoWriMo – Poem 1

Bright Lights.


The city sleeps

but he does not rest.

My lips are on his lips,

ready for a new quest.


Are you really sleepy

my beautiful man?

Can I leave you dizzy

until the morning comes?


Bright lights appear

in the starry sky

and the moon appears

through it like a spy.


Your legs around my body,

your hands on my chest.

your love is my North,

what else could I request?



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